Gateway TSP Services

NMU Audits

Non-motorised User Audit

Non-motorised Users (NMUs)* are considered to be pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. The design team identifies scheme objectives to improve conditions for Non-motorised Users, which are documented in a NMU Context Report. Where NMU issues are identified that require further action an NMU Audit Report is often produced.

Gateway TSP will appoint an NMU Audit Leader with the appropriate training, skills and experience of NMU needs and scheme development to exercise judgment on the effects of design proposals on NMUs. The Audit will report at preliminary, detailed and post-construction stages, assess how well objectives in the Context Report have been achieved and suggest improvements where necessary. The audit will be conducted according with DMRB Standard HD 42/05.

* Includes electrically assisted pedal cycles, scooters etc