Gateway TSP Projects

A607 Belgrave Circle, Leicester

Road Safety Audits

The scheme involved demolition of the Belgrave Road flyover and reconfiguration of the Belgrave Road carriageways, together with public realm improvements including widened footways and new/upgraded signal controlled crossings, one of which passes through the middle of the junction, and the relocation of bus stops/laybys. Over a period of some four years, Gateway TSP conducted road safety audits of the permanent works at stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, together with a stage 2 audit of the traffic management arrangements during demolition/construction.

Objectives and Challenges

In the pre-construction stages, the biggest challenge involved predicting how drivers would negotiate the new layout, particularly the southbound merge (away from Belgrave Circle) from three lanes into one. The construction phase recommendations included local publicity of diversions/closures, consulting bus operators, checking vehicle swept paths through the works and providing a temporary pedestrian crossing. The only significant recommendation at stage 3 was to install a lane destination sign to improve drivers’ comprehension of the new layout. This was found to have had a positive effect at Stage 4 RSA which, following analysis of collision data, concluded that there were no residual road safety concerns associated with the scheme.


  • Local publicity of diversions/closures
  • Consult bus operators regarding temporary traffic management
  • Provide temporary pedestrian crossing during works
  • Check vehicle swept paths
  • Provide lane destination sign to warn of altered configuration and improve lane discipline

Added Value and Benefits

  • Improved road safety
  • Cost effective recommendations
  • Public realm enhancement
  • Consistent road safety advice through all stages of the scheme
A607 Belgrave Circle A607 Belgrave Circle