Gateway TSP Projects

Albion Way, Horsham

Risk Assessment

As part of highway improvement scheme involving an altered and upgraded traffic signal controlled junction, it was proposed that carriageway surfaces would be in a material having a Polished Stove Value (PSV) of 55+, rather than a High Friction Surface (HFS) of PSV 72 as previously proposed. Gateway TSP had carried out Stages 1 and 2 Road Safety Audits and was asked to carry out a Risk Assessment of this proposed amendment to the scheme.

Objectives and Challenges

For soundness, the Risk Assessment needed to have regard to highway standards, the personal injury accident record and traffic flows. The PIA data revealed a total of 19 collisions including one fatality and five serious injuries. Traffic flows and speeds were also reviewed in the context of the classification/geometry of Albion Way and Bishopric.


  • PIA data suggested no inherent road surface condition/loss of control issues
  • 85th percentile speeds comfortably within 30mph speed limit
  • Traffic flows within link capacities
  • Proposed PSV below DMRB trunk road standard for flows/road class but Albion Way/Bishopric not trunk roads
  • Probability of harm considered ‘unlikely’
  • Potential severity of harm considered ‘moderate’
  • Overall risk assessed as low

Added Value and Benefits

  • Economic saving
  • Fully considered engineering solution
  • Economic benefits of residential development
  • Increased protection for Highway Authority and Designers against prosecution and insurance claims
Albion Way, Horsham