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A22 Caterham Bypass

This road safety study was conducted in connection with a proposed residential redevelopment of agricultural land with sub-standard accesses onto a 50mph dual carriageway. It involved an investigation into recorded collisions along a 2.5km section of the A22.

Objectives and Challenges

Gateway TSP were asked to consider the collision record in the context of predicted changes to the number and type of vehicle movements following redevelopment.

The Highway Authority was concerned about the geometry of the existing accesses and traffic speeds along the A22 (the 85th percentile speed was measured at approximately 60mph).

A22 Caterham Bypass
A22 Caterham Bypass


  • Preferred access solution involves separate access and egress junctions with internal controls
  • Provide a deceleration taper at the access and a merge taper at the egress
  • Improve signage and road markings to warn drivers of the access and egress
  • Provide reflective road studs and hazard marker posts to make the junctions more ‘legible’
  • Improve drainage

Added Value and Benefits

  • Improved road safety
  • Cost effective improvement recommendations
  • Economic benefits of residential development
  • An independent assessment of the scheme